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Regular Monthly Meeting

Featured Presentation:

BIML and SSIS Frameworks

Andy Leonard, Data Philosopher Enterprise Data & Analytics

You’ve probably heard that it’s a data integration best practice to build small, unit-of-work SSIS packages. You’ve heard that with Biml you can create a lot of SSIS packages in very little time. You follow this advice and end up with dozens of SSIS packages. Now what? A metadata-driven SSIS Execution Framework will simplify the execution of several SSIS packages down to a simple, one-line stored procedure call. But then, how does one manage all the metadata required to populate the SSIS Execution Framework? Biml to the rescue!

About Andy:
Andy Leonard is a Data Philosopher at Enterprise Data & Analytics, an SSIS Trainer, Consultant, and developer, a Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml) developer and BimlHero, SQL Server database and data warehouse developer, community mentor, engineer, and farmer. He is a co-author of SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns, and author of Managing Geeks - A Journey of Leading by Doing, and the Stairway to Integration Services.