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Regular Monthly Meeting

  • In-Person @ 1200 Steuart St. Baltimore, Maryland, United States (map)
  • 18:00 - 20:30 UTC
  • Language: English

Regular Monthly Meeting

Featured Presentation:

SQL Server R Services

Azhagappan Arunachalam, Sr Applications Database Architect

SQL Server R Services Microsoft acquired Revolution Analytics in early 2015, and introduced R services with SQL Server 2016 this year. With the first Microsoft Data Science summit up on us in late Sept this year, in Atlanta, let us review what R services in SQL Server brings to the table that cannot be achieved with the standalone R clients (R GUI, R Studio, or the Microsoft R Client).

About Azhagappan:
Az Arunachalam has been working with SQL server since v4.21/SQLNT. He started his career with troubleshooting at chip level, worked as a network engineer managing Novell NetWare networks, graduated into managing Windows NT, moved onto development, administered databases, and is currently working as a database architect. He's excited about all the cloud offerings that Microsoft and others have made possible, and in sharing his findings with aspiring data enthusiasts.


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